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Bush's real legacy: Faithful conservatism

Archaeologists unearth quarry used to renovate Second Temple

Jordan allocates $1.5m to rebuild Temple Mount in bid intensify its role in the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Rex Humbard Dies at 88 a pioneering televangelist with global reach

Son says Rex Humbard was 'spiritual father' to many Christians around the world

Agnostic state lawmaker sues God, gets a response

Creationism museum to open

Irreconcilable Differences in Bible’s Interpretations

Taking a Christian approach to finding love

Ancient Sewer 'Escape Hatch' Found in Jerusalem

Texas Court Strikes Down State Rules on Seminaries

Christian retail industry continues to grow

Parents ask court to stop 'gay' indoctrination

Ex-Korn rocker Brian Welch now devotes his life to God

Human-animal embryos supported by the public

Iowa's Traditional 'marriage' law struck down by county judge...orders marriage licenses for six homosexuals

Iowa Gay Marriage Applications Halted

Jesus' death was not the successful propitiation of a “loving” God but rather the "scapegoating barbarism that has plagued bewildered people throughout history"

When it comes to religion, why do secularists leave their critical thinking at the door?

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Beehives in Israel

Mainstream Protestants, Adventists Make Efforts to Remove 'Stereotypes'

Abortion in the Philippines by "masseuses": a national secret - involves crushing and beatings

Bring Your Bibles to Public School Week: Sept 23-29

Graham's Grandson: Is God Knowable?

Academic Freedom Expelled from Baylor University

Pope says abortion "not a human right"

Christian right looks to rebound

Israel Blocks Muslim Worshippers in preparation for Yom Kippur

Hal Lindsey hints Isaiah 17:1 "Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and it will become a fallen ruin," may come to pass soon.

Colorado flock leaves Episcopalian fold

Judge Overturns "dissident group" Vote To Oust Shiloh Pastor

America's real national pastime: arguing about the place of religion in politics

The most remarkable water science in 100 years
Radio Frequencies Help Burn Salt Water
And Cure Cancer

ACLU Unmoved by Jesus' Court House Companions

Buried Feces Offer Clues About Authors of Dead Sea Scrolls

Biblical Expert: Gospel of Judas Probably Bunk

Archaeologists Try to Safeguard Ancient City of Petra

Pope: Jesus formed 'only one church' - Other denominations not true churches

First artificial life 'within months'

Book Uncovers a Lonely, Spiritually Desolate Mother Teresa

Is Radical Christianity as dangerous as Radical Islam?

Diocese to pay $198 million to settle abuse claims

Dr. James Kennedy 1930-2007

Kennedy the pioneer

Child molester pastor of First Baptist Church, Southern Baptist denomination silent.

Scientists discover ‘skinny’ gene

Prayer is only a start to solving mortgage woes

Billy Graham released from hospital

A rabbi explains why Billy Graham is a giant among preachers

Evangelist Hinn lands under a cloud

Cannibal tribe apologizes for eating Methodists

Possible remains of second temple found in Jerusalem

Doubts over 'second temple remains' in Jerusalem...

U.S. Senate Votes in Favor of Overseas Abortion

Hardline takeover of British mosques

God With Us, Not Working Against Us

House Church Leader in Xinjiang Formally Arrested for Receiving Bibles and Abused in Jail

Survey: Religious doctors use psychiatrists less, Psychiatrist are least religious of medical professionals

The Very Rev. Tracey Lind

Lesbian Priest Among Candidates for Episcopal Bishop of Chicago

List of Nominees

A Lesbian's Deliverance

Church accountant arrested in $400,000 theft

How the West Really Lost God

Florida State Professor says Jesus actually walked on a hard-to-see patch of ice

Police say Prominent Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III pushed his wife to the ground and started kicking and stomping on her -- Group says that this is the "root cause of the failure of black families and marriages," calls for suspension

Bishop Blames Devil

Ministry Home Page

Germany's biggest synagogue reopens as symbol of Jewish rebirth

Police crack first neo Nazi cell ever discovered in Israel

Who speaks for America's evangelicals?

Bill Maher's Absurd Take on Religion

Two U.S. Priests Defect To Anglicans in Kenya


We adored the princess, but learned from the saint

Doubts Don't Make Mother Teresa Less of a Saint

Sacred Doubt

For many kids, faith is the key to happiness

Artificial Life Likely in 3 to 10 Years

Father Raymond Nobilettoi who ministered at ground zero recalls horrors of Sept. 11

Freed by Taliban, 19 South Korean Hostages Will Face Relief and Anger Back Home

Ex-hostages say Taliban beat them for refusing to convert

Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’ as material that will change world

Louise Woodcock

Baptist minister bans toddlers from church hall because their yoga class is 'unchristian'

Yoga at church is too much of a stretch for some

Shopping for clothes that will—and won't!—make your daughter look like a tramp.

On Religion - The Founders got it right

Commentary: Today's David vs. Goliath? Faith vs. sex, greed

Christians, Jews in Holy Land alliance

Jesus action figure is coming

Poll: Christian identity puts faith first, Country second

Iran's Ahmadinejad has 'proof' US won't attack, he has done the math and God would not allow it

Christians Mull Offensive Art Works

Is religion under attack in modern society?

My View of Islam

Doing church the Jesus way

Healthy American Chestnut Found on New Hampshire Farm

Meet John Smeaton: One Kick and He Is The Hero of Glasgow

Exploring Islam's 'Death Cult'

Greenland ice yields hope on climate

ACLU sues city over Jesus painting

I was a fanatic...I know their thinking, says former radical Islamist

New Drug Deletes Bad Memories

Hamas's plans to gain control of Temple Mount foiled

First artificial life 'within months'

Leaning Tower of Pisa is saved from collapse

A lively debate over the Dead Sea Scrolls

Court Rules Against Episcopal Breakaways

Pentecostals Buckle Up Africa's Bible Belt

A Study, by Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, Revealing the Negative Effects of Diversity on Community Cohesiveness

Egypt's Female Pharaoh mummy found - Probably

New study questions some Masada remains and theories

After 1,000 years, restored Viking ship to sail North Sea

Leaders Take on Tsunami of Religious Hate

Sexual Abuse of Minors in Protestant Churches

Great Essay: How the West Really Lost God

Radicalism is Destroying Muslim Societies In The News: Sermons from God, or from the Internet?

A Good Response: I Guess Preachers Can Plagiarize....

Vatican issues the '10 Commandments' for the Road

The Newton Project - Main site for everything Newton

Good Article on Newtons Predictions - PDF

The world will end in 2060, according to Newton

Tanzania tribe threatened after 50,000 Years

New study using nuns shows beer may be good for you

The end of the plug? Scientists invent wireless device that beams electricity through your home

Greek archaeologists unearth rich tomb

Slave passage found under Washington’s home

Now They Say: Humans 'learned to walk in trees'

Methodists seek rule on rehiring of transgender pastor

Pope Considers Return to Latin Mass

Billy Graham, tourist attraction

Episcopal Church breakaways claim historic church

Creation leader thanks critics

History, on religion's terms

The Double 'Thank-You' Moment

University of Missouri Doctor Lectures on Design

Christian Teenager Takes Purity Ring Case to Court

United Methodist agency launches missionary campaign

Matters of Faith Find a New Prominence on Campus

75 suspended for opposing 'gay' day in California

National Day of Prayer deeply rooted in American history

Bush Expected to Veto 'Hate Crimes' Bill

The Gay Agenda: It's Dividing the Family, the Church, and a Nation

The New Earth

Vatican buries limbo after centuries

Madness at Virginia Tech

Was Cho taught to hate by Current University Curriculum?

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

Researchers explore scrapping Internet - Rebuilding it

Stop wearing fur, activists tell Pope

Reginald H. Fuller, 92, New Testament Scholar, Dies

IMUS: Cleric wanted him gone, but then felt his pain

Jesus tomb film scholars backtrack - Findings based on Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Pope's New Book Criticizes Capitalism - Marxism

The prospect of Sperm from Bone Marrow and all-female conception

Putting politics ahead of kids

'Equal rights' for women: wrong then, wrong now

Answers To the Atheists

The Case for Teaching The Bible - In Public Schools

"Jesus Family Tomb" Aftermath

JESUS TOMB: Christians Split Over Claim of Christ's Tomb

Are Americans Ignorant About Religion?

ScienceDaily: Earth's Crust Missing In Mid-Atlantic

Fort Worth Police: Video appears to show brothers, 2 and 5, smoking pot

Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says

Ruins in Athens May Be an Ancient Market

College donor changes mind over a cross

JESUS TOMB: Scholars, Clergy Slam Jesus Documentary

JESUS TOMB: Israel may open 'Jesus tomb' to public

JESUS TOMB: I've found the coffin of Jesus, says film director

JESUS TOMB: Jesus' Family Tomb (and Jesus' body) Believed Found

Jason Whitlock- Time to Stop Looking Past Black KKK

JESUS TOMB: James Cameron to announce Jesus' tomb found with Jesus' body inside.

President of Czech Republic Calls Man-Made Global Warming a 'Myth' - Questions Gore's Sanity

Pastor steals church from his flock

No human law can 'overturn that of Creator': Pope

Cosmic rays blamed for global warming

Jerusalem 'tense' after clashes (contains diagram of temple layout)

Bodybuilder says Robertson threatened to kill him


Soviet monument to make way for Reagan

Elie Wiesel attacked in hotel by Holocaust denier

Texas Man Gets Death for Killing Fetus

Harvard in biggest curriculum overhaul in 30 years - religion as a distinct subject, dropped: the secularist win!

We do use books that call Jews 'apes' admits head of Islamic school (notice that the chirstian hatred is excluded from this headline)

100 Fossilised dinosaur eggs found in MP

Study: More kids exposed to online porn

Iran announces they have a cure for AIDS: "Giant achievements coming soon"

The real deal? - Against the grain: Some scientists deny global warming exists

The hurricane expert who stood up to UN junk science

William & Mary Cross Removal Stirs Va. College Campus

NOTE: Before watching this hilarious video read the article below on WINDOWS VISTA: YouTube - The Real Windows Vista

eSermons Warning to our Users: If you are thinking of buying Windows Vista, especially an "Upgrade" version you need to read this.

Russian shock at 'gagged' babies

Scientists bridging the spirituality gap

Challenging the Existence of God

Meet the Minister Who Says He Is Jesus Christ

John Kerry Slams His Own Country At Davos - call US an International Pariah

Very, Very Big Corn - Ethanol and its consequences.

Methodism Madness at SMU - Outrageous Injustice

Lights 'not of this world' mystery finally solved

Georgia sting nets bomb-grade uranium

NEWSWEEK: Transgendered Clergy Encouraged to Come Out

Why Scientists Need Christians

Computer Virus Alert: Storm Worm hits computers around the world

Search on for 'feral man' as mystery deepens over woman lost in jungle for 19 years

Search on for 'feral man' as mystery deepens over woman lost in jungle for 19 years | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

Cancer study ordered into mobile phones

With Respect....but this is how you say good bye? This is so sad: Buchwald's Farewell Column, Written to Be Released at Death

UFO Sighting in Iran

Methodists Petition: No Bush Library at SMU

Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world' quotes Bible

Dem Chairman FOR the escalation ... until Bush proposed it...

Harvard's Fuss Over Faith

UK Documentary: Dispatches: Undercover Mosque - exposing evidence of Islamic supremacism

A Crowded Womb

Kucinich: Congress To Take On FCC

I want to be an 'Idol': Truth behind auditions

Beware: Fictitious Billy Graham in New Orleans Story

Gellman: The Deeper Truth of Good and Evil

Red Cross debuts red crystal symbol

New Stem-Cell Source Could Alter Debate

Stem cells found in amniotic fluid

The universe gives up its deepest secret: Dark Matter

Warsaw archbishop resigns after admitting he worked with Poland's Communist-era secret police

Ontario says child can have 2 moms


What was the Star of Bethlehem? (a great demostration and possible explanation!)

Final Bows: The People We Lost in 2006

The real strength of religion today rests in its values

God and man at Harvard

The Smallest Life Form Known To Man: Shotgun sequencing finds nanoorganisms - Probe of acid mine drainage turns up unsuspected virus-sized Archaea

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Meet

Bureaucrats are writing Christ out of Christmas

'What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?

Religion in the Modern Age

SMU expected to be chosen as site of Bush presidential library

Will Christians back a Mormon candidate?

Fox News Roundtable: Episcopal Church Split

Diabetes breakthrough

Site of Jesus' first miracle said found

St. Paul's remains unearthed?

St. Paul sarcophagus may be opened

TV Documentary: "How the gospel story grew in the telling"

Why Deny the Holocaust?

Harvard drops new religion course requirement

FYI: Who Teaches Teachers Explains a Dismal Record

How Jewish Family Values Shaped Christianity

Christmas cards are losing their religious message

Gulf summit opens with warning of regional explosion - Yahoo! News

Sentamu attacks 'move to throw away crib'

Reuters creates headline "Conservative Jews ok gay rabbis" but the actual story paints a very confused decision by the conservative Jewish group.

The Elephant and the Embryo

Police Report, Passenger Reveals That Flying Imams Were Up to No Good

Muslims Seek Prayer Room at Airport

Church readies gifts for accused vandals

Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disabled babies to be killed at birth

'God gap' narrows in U.S. politics

Google no-show for Veterans Day

Wall Street's wild windfall

Rejected: Solomon's wisdom (about anorexia)

A week to fight pornography

Is It a Sin not to Vote? - By Chuck Colson

Haggard: 'I am a deceiver and a liar'

Ted Haggard's letter to New Life Church

Female Bishop Takes Helm of Episcopal Church

In a Tech-Savvy World, the Word of God Goes Mobile

MTV-style youth ministry is so over - Bible-based worship is packing teens in pews now

Christians ask if force is needed to protect their religious values

Pastor works to save people from porn

Evangelical Dismissed Amid Sex Scandal

Priest burns himself to death over Islam

Haggard admits meth buy - Accuser Fails Polygraph

Haggard Admitted To Some Indiscretions

Key Evangelical Quits Amid Gay Sex Claim

Nearly half of Americans uncertain God exists

Georgetown gets $20 million from prince promoting Islam and ejects evangelical Christians

Why Johnny is reading Islamist propoganda

Insurance regulators try to bar Christian Medi-Share

On being a Jewish 'fundamentalist' Cultural Acid Test for Pastors: Part One::By Doug Giles

Quebec - Evangelical schools ordered to teach Darwin

Father on trial for genital cutting

Hospital admits to burning aborted babies in waste incinerator

Prince Charles should not have multi-faith coronation

BBC confesses bias on religion, politics

The Pacer - Christian band sparks conflict

'Christians, Jews must unite to battle radical Islam'

Pornography in the Anglican church?

There's Hope for U.S. Protestant Churches

Dude, where's my cross?

Woman becomes a 'consecrated virgin'

Pope's speech stirs Muslim anger

Calif. Redwood May Be Tallest Live Thing

Ban on gay rabbis may be lifted

Ex-Iranian President's Speech on Faiths 'Troubling Irony', Says USCIRF Head

Race is on to save the Dead Sea

Clergywomen Find Hard Path to Bigger Pulpit

Miracles or madness?

Want to make it to 100? You've got to have faith

AP Beirut photo faces questions - News from Israel, Ynetnews

MTV, still clueless after all these years

YOUR COMPUTER USE: Google warns on 'unsafe' websites

Censoring Science: The Kansas Controversy

China Megachurch Demolition, Christian Arrests Prompt Calls for Int'l Probe

Conservative Anglicans Commit to Reformation of Behavior, Unsure of Unity

The Christians are coming, the Christians are coming!

Fact-O-Rama -- Now That's Hot

A Bit of History for Global Warmers: Look at 1930

Movie raters: Christian themes won't be factor

Vatican's fury over Madonna 'blasphemy'

Ahmadinejad's call to destroy Israel draws French condemnation

Heat makes Pat Robertson a global warming "convert"

Islamic Movement: Prevent Jewish groups from visiting Temple Mount on Thursday

Evangelical Lutheran Membership Decline Continues With 79,653 Drop

WHAT'S OUT THERE: Teen literature gets steamy

Orthodox group allowed on Temple Mount

Jesus Is My Homeboy

Evangelicals are broadening their reach

Alice Cooper to break ground on Phoenix youth center

Rick Warren: Jesus Would Not Have Approved

Disowning Conservative Politics, Evangelical Pastor Rattles Flock

Museum brings creationism to life

Mess with Israel at your peril

Q&A: Israel Had 'No Choice' on Lebanon

Israel’s Invasion, Syria’s War

Israel's Existence at Stake

Necessary Steps for Israel

Poland gets Auschwitz name change

Circumcision may stop millions of HIV deaths

Bringing the church to the courtroom

NY court rules against gay marriage

Women as Church Leaders

Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

Vatican vows to expel stem cell scientists from Church

New US Episcopal church leader (who was elected after only being ordained a priest 12 years ago, and serving only one church as an associate) says homosexuality no sin?

Episcopalians elect woman leader, renew debate

Madonna's giant cross 'offensive'

The Real Iraq

'Godcasting:' Love that new-time religion |

Religious Americans: Shared values

Churches: Iran must recognize Israel

5 Professors Quit Religious School

Read my chest: 'DO NOT RESUSCITATE'

Rabbi Gellman Tries to Understand Angry Atheists - Newsweek Society -

Rabbi Gellman: Spiritual Issues in the Immigration Debate

"Da Vinci" undermines faith, survey claims (Good article dealing with issues raised by film)

PC textbooks full of skewed history

Cardinal: Viewers will see 'Da Vinci' as fact - Da Vinci Code -

Tech: Scan This Book!

Greek Orthodox church condemns Da Vinci Code

Israel: "Iran can also be wiped off the map"

A Mother's Story (Great Mother's Day illustration can be drawn from this)

Gellman: Farewell to Scotty, Gilligan and Fife ( A little Late date wise but great to draw three illustrations from)

A MUST READ: Gellman - A rabbi explains why Billy Graham is a giant among preachers.

Meacham: Agreeing to Disagree About God

Perhaps 'Saint John Paul? - One year later: Remembering Pope John Paul II

Headless sphinx unearthed at Roman villa

Archeologists excavate 2,000-year-old Roman road in Paris

Vatican excommunicates four Chinese bishops

Baptists from diverse backgrounds issue "Memphis Declaration"

With Alito on high court, conservatives optimistic about Ten Commandments cases

European wide outcry at religious arrests in Belarus

Can Bacteria Think?

Columns : Loving God and people above all else

Differing Treatment of Religious Slurs Raises an Old Issue

California Episcopalians consider gay bishop

China Installs Another Bishop, Angering Vatican

Navy Chaplain May Face Court-Martial For Praying in uniform at News Conference


Iranian president: We don't 'give a damn' about UN resolution

Pope: Lack of Love Behind Failed Marriages

Teen Drinking: Girls at Greater Risk Than Boys

National Institute on Alchohol Abuse

Cashing in on 6-6-06

Anti-gay church sparks free-speech fight

Palestinians: Tel Aviv Bombing Justified

The Dead Sea is 'dying'

No doubt about Easter's true meaning

A Must Read: The frightening truth of why Iran wants a bomb

'God made me cancel my own crucifixion'

Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated

Good Friday: Pope To Rebuke "Satanic" Society

Book of Judas: Was Jesus Asking for Betrayal?

'Gospel of Judas' offers contrarian view of Jesus

University research: Jesus walked on ice

God and America's Founders: Religion's Role

Judge: Move Sexy Billboards Away From Road

President Reagan: Lion in Winter

Power of prayer flunks an unusual test

God's call in happiness search?

'Satanic' art in Catholic Church exposed

Baptists split on praying in 'tongues'

Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists

Evangelicals Promote Theology for a New Generation

Homeschool student wins top honors at math contest

Glance at African Christians

Law, family, society all weigh against converting from Islam to Christianity

Boom in African Christianity spills over to America

Georgia - Elective Bible courses in public high schools

Asheville UMC pastor protests gay marriage stance - Turns in his Papers

Poll: Americans See, Hear More Profanity

Tom Cruise advocates Scientology Stupidity

Chain Flogging, Self Inflicted Machete Wounds Define Muslim "Rituals"

Australia Starts Cleanup After Big Cyclone

'South Park' - Scientology Battle Rages On

You've Got Mail (It's From Yale)

Giving Yale the finger

Feminist Failing women of the Third World

Archaeologists Find Ancient Israel Tunnels

Defenders of the Faith

'Mom,' 'dad' to be axed from school textbooks?

Professor: Biblical Event Explains Weather As We Know It

Sleuth closes in on Noah's Ark mystery

Baptist controversy has tongues tied

Welcome to the Tucson Citizen

Church arsonists tied to Satanism

Election of lesbian bishop 'will cause Church to unravel'

Poll: Americans Consistent in Beliefs on Abortion, Conflicted in Views

Birmingham-Southern College students charged in church fires

Abortion Survivor ... Rescued, Redeemed and Running the Good Race

Kids' TV Contains 'Dark, Sinister' Violence, Pro-Family Advocate Warns

Butcher's new books translate sermons, discuss monk's life

German court convicts man for insulting Islam

Vatican to Muslims: practice what you preach

Students dropping titles for nondenominational

Christians website are attracting many from the Muslim world

WCC Denounces Iraq War, America

Court says crucifix is educational (WOW! Thank God For Italy)

False prophets of evangelicalism

Poll reveals 40pc of Muslims want sharia law in UK

What is sharia law?

Katy church updates parable, turns cash into change of a different kind

Cartoon Protestors Burn 15 Churches in Deadly Nigeria Muslim-Christian Clash

Fires burn campus chapel, Christian-themed business

Why I Published Those Cartoons

EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Tapes -- Inside Saddam's Palace

Muslim rioters worlds apart from rest of us

Muhammad Cartoons: Europe Lashes Back

Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

Air Force still no-Jesus zone?

Judge: No credible evidence underage sex always harmful

The war you didn't see - Los Angeles Times

Islam-West divide 'grows deeper'

SD House Approves Abortion Ban

Air Force Eases Rules on Religion

Governor: Ala. Church Fires Appear Linked


Intact tomb found in Egypt's Valley of Kings

Archeologists Find Ancient Ship Remains

Navy’s debate over use of Jesus’ name places spotlight on priest

Bethlehem Christians fear for future under Hamas

NBC's 'Cruci-fixins' Were 'Leftovers' from Fox

Rare Chlamydia Strain Infecting Gay Men

Breaking news: Iran to publish Holocaust cartoons

Scientists hail discovery of hundreds of new species in remote New Guinea

Rate yourself using debt-to-income ratio

The Surprise of History

Judge to Rule on Merit of Christ Case

Porn feeds human trafficking

Radical Islam - with sovereignty

Opinion: Secular take on Bible misses its power

Monks: Capturing the Sound of Silence

Iranian Leader says country must prepare for return of Islamic 'messiah'

New nanotech armor called 5 times stronger than steel

It's a prayer, it's a protest

C.S. Lewis scholar hopes Narnia helps postmoderns find God

BBC NEWS | England | London | Police ban Christian crime comic

Schuller's Son to Run Crystal Cathedral

Two Christian colleges say their closets portal to "Narnia"

Ancient Village Discovery Raises Questions

Court considers unusual clash between creed, curriculum

Daily Times - Site Edition

Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'

Creationists say fossil discoveries back their theories

Did Jesus exist? Italian court to decide


Rabbi Gellman: The five most important religious trends of 2005, and my hopes for 2006

Iran President: Israel Completed Holocaust

US Planning Strike of Iran?

Revealed: the pill that prevents cancer

Pope Warns of Modern 'Spiritual Barrenness'

L.A. Times admits false claim about Falwell

Group protests NBC's dysfunctional 'Christians'

Limbo, an Afterlife Tradition, May Be Doomed by the Vatican

Russian Orthodox Church Suspends Relations With Swedish Lutherans Over Gay Marriages

Ensnared: Internet Creates New Group of Sexual Addicts

God sees embryos as full and complete humans - Pope

Judge Commits 8 Family Members Over Exorcism Killings

South Dakota reins in abortion rights

Holiday Sermons Come Wrapped With High Hopes

Nazareth Village re-creates life as Jesus knew it

True size of Pool of Siloam discovered due to sewer blockage

Cleric attacks 'gay weddings' law

Stars turn backs on America's troops in Iraq

Pope: Be Peacemakers, Remember the Unborn

Thousands Mark Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

Military chaplains told to shy from Jesus

Judge rules against 'intelligent design'

'Narnian' Delight: Passion of the 'Lion' Pays Off

Some megachurches to be closed on Christmas

Pacific islanders move to escape global warming

Homeschooled teen wins top science honor

Hastert Wants 'Christmas Tree' not 'Holiday Tree'

Abortion, Rebirth?

There may be a fruitfly in Darwin's ointment

Pregnant and Unwed, Teacher Fights Catholic Church School

American Baptist Take Stand Against Homosexuality

New patriarch: No land for Jews

Arabic Christian channel a hit?

Religious public interest law firm expands from one man to 100 workers

Alito Often Defers to Religious Groups

Why American universities will lead the world

The Modern University Has Become Obsolete

Christians Afoot by William F. Buckley

The Author of Liberty, Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy

How did we forget that Israel's story is the story of the West?

Charles Darwin: Evolution of a Scientist

Pilgrims flock to see 'Buddha boy' said to have fasted six months

Bush brings religious freedom message to China

Cosmic Log: Lord of the Einstein rings

Historian Charged With Denying Holocaust

Cosmic Log: Lord of the Einstein rings

What is the real Christmas story?

Anne Rice turns to Jesus

Chinese church leader sentenced

3000 year old Hebrew Alphabet Carving Found

Trumping Moses and Matthew with...well you won't believe it

Judge upholds Oregon's gay marriage ban

Liberal church may lose tax status

District restores religious holidays after outcry

Delays, Low Fines Weaken FCC Attack on Indecency

Professor given key role in promoting Christianity

A theme park for the Holy Land?

Furious Jordanians Condemn al Qaeda

Murder at the Rapper's Movie - So What Else is New

Internet the Only Future for Print News

Beware a 'Digital Munich'

Church court reinstates pastor who denied membership to gay man -

Judicial Council reverses lower court

Methodist Court Removes Openly Lesbian Minister

A Pope of Quiet Surprises

Suspended pastor defends refusal to allow gay to join church

Christians win hearts among India's quake victims

30-Days of Christian Prayer for the Muslim World

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Kabbalah guru arrested for fraud

Pastor takes open approach toward sexuality

Dutch anger at tax breaks for witchcraft classes

Lewis - A Man and His Myths

Next Stop: Narnia

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism

World Expresses Dismay Over Iran Remarks

'Penguins' director: Christians hijacked my film

Handoff with Care: Succession plans can keep churches on path when beloved and high-profile pastors leave

Israeli dig to spark Temple Mount violence?

Episcopal liberals prepare for split

Nigerian Churches Tell West to Practice What It Preached on Gays

Banks fear piggy banks offend Muslims

The Gospel According to Anne Rice (Becomes Christian writes Life of Christ)

Trial over pro-'gay' book begins

Court sides with 5-year-old after school censors Jesus

Hurricane-Hit Churches Endure with Faith, Rebuild in Collaboration

Study says churchgoers are wealthier, less likely to divorce, better educated

Protestant groups put their faith in advertising

Pentagon discriminates against Christians, lawmakers say

Mainline church decline caused by fertility rates, study shows

Police Defy Ruling Allowing Jews to Pray at Temple Mount

College gender gap widens: 57% are women

Air Force Withdraws Paper for Chaplains

Special-Effects Wizard Takes Whimsy to Church

ET lives . . . and he's Christian

Princeton abstinence group first of its kind in Ivy League

Stem Cell Test Tried on Mice Saves Embryo

Judge sued for ordering 'no-speech zones'

Pa. Professor Testifies Of Doubts About Darwin

Time magazine blasted for promoting 'gay teens'

Bible printing press confiscated in Cuba

Evidence for God's Existence?

Quake: 100,000 Dead

NBA Will Be Sporting New Threads

Not chance, but design, ISU professor says

Church's message lost on masses

The Texas DA is inspired by the Bible to prosecute Tom DeLay

Rumors of deaths greatly exaggerated

Hughes raises faith issues & female driving ban with Saudis

An expected Vatican document banning homosexuals from seminaries could actually strengthen the Roman Catholic Church

Turning Insult to Opportunity - Newsweek Society -

Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side'

Starved and beaten with nails: Kinshasa's young children 'witches' cast out by slum preachers

In Evolution Debate, Creationists Are Breaking New Ground

Religious group banned from Catholic church

The Bible as museum guide


The Pope to exclude gay priests

Speedy but spiritual: British cleric unveils '100-Minute Bible'

Scientist Talk of Climate CHange - On Mars

Google helps find ancient Roman remains

See You at the Poll - Sept 21

Lutheran Agencies' Response to Hurricane Katrina, and Beyond, Lutheran World Relief

Operation Blessing Delivers 3.2 Million Pounds of Food, Supplies to Katrina Evacuees

TD Jakes Calls for healing nation's rifts

Priest Pricks Children With Pin To Demonstrate Jesus' Suffering - New Book Promotes Sex With Children

Jewish midshipmen get place to worship

In a Parking Lot, Under a Tent and Amid the Chaos, Sunday Goes On

Christian Coalition fading fast

Bishops Call for Apology from Christian Leaders over Iraq War (Bishops advocate ECONOMIC SUPPORT TO TERRORIST)

'Ugly' mom sues ABC for nixing makeover

Survivor Story: 6-Year-Old Leads Five Toddlers, Baby To Safety

With Some Now at the Breaking Point, Officers Tell of Pain and Pressure


Some evacuees see religious message in Katrina

Why do we always assign blame?

Where Do You Stand on Faith?

HURRICANE KATRINA: What are Christians doing?

Churches open as shelters as Katrina attacks

Unintelligent debate abounds over intelligent design

Christian magazines try to tap secular market

Venezuela to seek legal action against Robertson

Missed Church? Download It to Your IPod.

A Scholar's View: The Long and Winding Road - Martin E. Marty

Was Pat Robertson's Call For Assassination Of A Foreign Leader A Crime?

News from Agape Press

So. Illinois Univ. Ordered to Reinstate Christian Campus Group

Joke is on religion as Christians laugh at themselves

You can use the f-word in class (but only five times)

Robertson Apologizes for Calling for Assassination

Pastor's Passion for Speed Puts Money in the Church's Coffers

Churches confront an 'elephant in the pews' (dealing with pornography)

From pastor to political activist

Concerned Women for America - For Real: Many Well-Publicized 'Hate Crimes' Were Staged

Church Panel Urges Gay-Clergy Change

New school year, new battle over evolution

Minister gets term and fine for fraud

Spirituality in America

Pentecostals: A Passionate Voice and a Moral Vision

Can You Believe in God and Evolution?

Church greeters ensure no stranger passes among them

Piggy Banks Stolen From Texas Church

What happened to Jesus haftarah?

ACLU Sees Green Behind the Gavel

Jehovah's Witnesses - Turn of Faith

Psychic fails to predict crystal ball fire

Religious summer institute begins progressive agenda

Cupertino teacher settles school religion lawsuit

Push Afoot to Open Church's Books to Scrutiny

Using Politics to Amplify a Moral Message

Lutherans Reject Gay Clergy Idea

Water ice in crater at Martian north pole

Image of bombers' deadly journey

Full account of the story below..

Iraq Soldier survives attack; captures, medically treats sniper (Be sure and watch video in this report located at bottom of story)

Islamic cleric gets life for inciting war

Newly discovered planet has 3 suns

U.K. Kids Beat Muslim To Death

Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels

Canceled: Welcome To The Neighborhood

Joel Osteen Corrects Himself

Vatican guides future astronomers

The Pentecostal Gold standard

Review: Fantastic Four

Article: Is Christ Divided?

Is Gonzales Pro-Life? Does it Matter?

Commentary: Should Films Be Faith-Explicit?

Democrats SeekExtreme Makeover

Editorial: Evangelical Christians seeking power

Editorial: Our Religious Culture

Christian theme park wins lawsuit over tax-exempt status

Mom ties church "untruths" to lesbian daughter's death

Florida Supreme Court Helped to Fund ACLU

Ruling on Property Seizure Rallies Christian Groups

Evangelicals Are a Growing Force in the Military Chaplain Corps

English Church Advances Bid for Women as Bishops

Britain's Suicide Bombers

Gallup finds 1 in 3 Americans Believe Houses Can Be Haunted

Christian Emergency Network - Exculsives

Pulling the Plug on Local Internet

Arena of faith: Rockets' old home to house Osteen's megachurch

Bible Translations Faster Today via Tech Advances

Churches, Houses Torched in Tennessee Town

Christian comics finding a new audience

Mastermind of Madrid is key figure

Retrieving bodies is nightmare for London rescuers

Margaret Sanger's nation of 'morons'

Judge: Pentagon Can't Fund National Scout Jamboree

China arrests bishop

Catholic Fathers, Husbands and Rebels

Tulsa Zoo won't have Genesis display

IRS questions Benny Hinn's tax-exempt status

Against All Odds: Christian Film Wins Big Prize

Canadian Homosexuals to Demand Government Retaliation Against Conservative Churches

Pastor, teachers beat teen for not going to church

Church union fights to keep labor contract

Church Has 1 Million Bees, Honey in Walls

G-8 Charity In The Face of Al-quada Terrorism

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey

A Purpose Driven Death

Conservative Christians gearing up

Devoted to God, but Not the Pledge

Pastors walk line between God, country

Even Former Skeptics Are Warming Up to the Pope as the Ex-Watchdog Turns Gentle

Doctors who do believe in God - New survey US

Clergy who don't believe in God - New Survey Britain

Drooping drawers draw ire

Why are religious jokes so funny?

Church's gay marriage endorsement creates tension

United Church of Christ endorses gay marriage

Astrologer Sues NASA Over Comet Mission

United Church of Christ endorses gay marriage

United Church of Christ Backs Gay Marriage

Eco-car more efficient than light bulb

Muslim mobs burn Christian homes

Google And Yahoo Don't Block Porn, Government Report Says

Orthodox church meet ends in brawl

Gay channel yet to appear on Comcast

Scientology: What it is and isn't

Iran's new president declares worldwide 'Islamic revolution'

Iran's new president helped take U.S. embassy in 1979

Move to Seize Supreme Court Justice's House -- For Hotel

Supremes: Court Splits on Ten Commandments Displays

Supremes: File-Sharing Services may be sued

Supremes: Cable Companies Don't Need to Share Lines

Supremes: Cops Can't Be Sued for Restraining Orders

Ronald Reagan elected Greatest American ever

NASA set to Blow Up Comet on July 4th

Why does the moon look so big now?

Chicago Smart Cameras call Police after Gunshot

Split rulings on Ten Commandments displays

Zondervan puts new spin on an old favorite, the Bible

New Urban Model Becomes Article of Faith

Billy Graham and the City: A Later Look at His Words

Billy Graham, a Hard Act to Follow

Catholic archdiocese seeing membership boom

Tories fear Grit closure on same-sex

U.S. plans radioactive project

Baptist convention to kick off campaign to baptize 1 million

International Conference Declares Support for Iraq

Brains Contain Person Specific Cells

Schiavo Was Blind and Unabused, Says Autopsy

One Last Gotham Visit for Billy Graham

Eighty Years After Scopes, a Professor Reflects on Unabated Opposition to Evolutionists

Church's path reflected in fate of bishops

Protesters march against gay marriage in Spain

New Zealand: Press poll shows support for Bible studies in schools

Evangelist Billy Graham reaches out to all

Bishops Continue Bars on Abusive Priests in Ministry

U.S. Bishops Renew Rules to Prevent Sex Abuse

From larger churches to private home, Vacation Bible School presses forward

TV judge advocates Christian viewpoint

Dinner-with-Jesus novel grabs publisher's ear

Church says minister guilty in gay wedding

Ignorance of History Destroys Our Judgment

Crucified nun dies in 'exorcism'

Priest unrepentent after crucifying of nun

Southern Baptists' growth stalling

After 2,000 Years. a Seed From Ancient Judea Sprouts

Southern Baptists in ‘doldrums,’ leader says ahead of meeting

World Series of Evangelical Poker

KOTV's Report on Gene Ewing

Victim must live with rapist

Child sacrifices in London Churches

LEADERSHIP: Get your helmet dented

Narnia news

Banning Compassion - Christianity Today Magazine

Some Christian houses of worship drop 'church' from names

Jimmy Swaggart breached guidelines

Ukraine to start teaching morals, faith in public schools

NJ Appellate Court Upholds Ruling Against Same-Sex Marriage

Leftists Unaware - Editorial

Hollywood's Spooky Spirituality

Who's Really Abusing the Koran?

Patriotic believers fly U.S. Christian flag

Bishop meeting to avoid gay issue

Polygamous Sect Drives Boys Out

Black Pastors Criticize Bush on Aid to Africa

Jackson prayed while waiting for verdict

Abuse Judgment May Bankrupt Church

Seed of extinct date palm sprouts after 2,000 years

After 2,000 Years, a Seed From Ancient Judea Sprouts

Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer

Bush to 2005 grads: Get involved When a Story Goes Terribly Wrong

The Qur'an Question - Newsweek

Mobbed In The Holy Land

When a Story Goes Terribly Wrong

Newsweek Retracts Its Article on Koran

'Little Black Book' teaches kids 'gay' sex

Political Split Leaves a Church Sadder and Grayer

Quarter of a million Israelis cannot marry or get a divorce

5 Israeli Jews held over plot to attack Temple Mount

HOLY ANGER: American Evangelist, Benny Hinn Leaves Nigeria In Annoyance

Thief at Christian store troubled by conscience

Prof: Islam's eschatology draws on Christianity, other religions - (BP)

Half of 760 Polled Oppose Gay Marriage

Firefighter's doctor puts faith in medications, God

College Libraries Set Aside Books in a Digital Age

Bill to take profit out of ACLU anti-religion suits

Support Abortion bracelet sold as Mother's Day gift

Episcopal bishop tells dissidents to leave

Ex-choir director's image tainted by sex scandal

Jesus Christ in legal battle for W.Va. driver's license

Mom Sues After Bible Reading Barred at Her Child's School

Democrats Voted Out of Church Weigh Options

George Will: The Christian Complex

Stay-at-home moms deserve high pay

Left Aims to Smite 'Theocracy' Movement

Pat Boone: Religion in the Public Square

Joyce Meyer and her family reap millions of dollars from ministry

PlayStations of the Cross

Liberals' same-sex bill at risk

World's first Hindu theme park

Evolution debate turns into debate over intelligent design

College draws protest over gays

Americans Accused of Giving Christian Pamphlets to Muslims

Vietnam: We Never Said Thanks

Article: The life and faith of Jackie Robinson

AP - Religion News in Brief

AP - Religion News in Brief

Abortion Clinic Under Scrutiny Following Death of Infant Born Alive

Teen's Campaign to Thank U.S. Troops Draws Presidential Praise

Bush Backs Abortion Measure

"Abortion Kills" shirts stir debate over speech in high school

A culture awash in porn

Professor: Biblical Event Explains Weather As We Know It

Vietnamese Christians flee for their lives

WorldNetDaily: Hillary gets the Catholic out of Catholic college

Catholic China: Up From the Underground

Methodists Reinstate Defrocked Minister

Rebel bishops reconsider same-sex blessings

Messianic Jews in Israel claim 10,000

Study traces worldwide Jewish population from Exodus to modern age

Lesbian pastor challenges her defrocking by the Methodist church

Pro-Life Group Applauds Enforcement of Born-Alive Infants Protection Law

Hating the 'Religious Right'

Decoded at last: the 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history of the world

Israel - Druze attack Christians in 'pogrom.'

Q&A: What is the judicial filibuster controversy all about? - (BP)

350,000 in St. Peter's Square

A Question of Trusts - Court says Methodist church may leave denomination and keep its property.

Great Statistical and Summary Report on Abortion since '72 (in .PDF

Conn. House OKs Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill

National Day of Prayer - May 5th

Board member admits doubts about evolution

Virginia to issue new birth certificates for children of homosexual parents

The Media and the Vatican: Opposing Goals

63% Believe Bible Literally True

Palestinians: U.S. forcing Christianity on Muslims

Hospital bans bedside Bibles

Campus approves Christian group after publicity

ACLU caught red-handed -Changes view of precedent when it favors Christian group

Altered Pledge of Allegiance stuns students

Christian College Secludes Minority Students After Hate Letters

Bonhoeffer, a hero to Christians

Ignore History of the Church at Your Own Peril

NarniaWeb Exclusive Interview with Douglas Gresham

C.S. Lewis' Stepson is 'Ambassador' on Narnia Set

The New Pope's Relationship with Protestants

Rick Warren launches global initiative

How do Catholics & Baptists differ?

Surveys: Young adults searching spiritually

Pope's titles and duties

Choice of pope 'joyful news' for many Germans

A pope who believes it is far better to be right than popular

The Boy Who Became Pope

Cardinal Ratzinger's Challenge

Christian happy-talk

Purging Religious Influence

Suicide by Secularism?

Europeans Fast Falling Away From Church

Temple Mount leaders vow Jewish sovereignty

The failed Prophecies of Kim Clement (who is a singer and self styled prophet often seen on TBN)

Public Hedonism and Private Restraint

The church's battle with modernity

YOU MUST READ THIS: Decoded at last: the 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history of the world

New Christian Gospels

Is Kim Clement a False Prophet?

Why Europe's great churches are empty.

Does Israel want Arab democracy?

Politics: The Devoutness Divide

Politics: Trying to play the Jesus card

Pope wrote of 'dark shadows' over mankind

The Return of God

NBC Mini-series "Revelations"

LA: New effort to restore cross to seal

Religion under a secular assault

Yale Ending Its Affiliation With a Church

Planned Parenthood to Host Homosexual Bishop at Prayer Breakfast

Reuters admits 'terrible quality'

Like It or Not, VAT's in Your Future

Rupert Murdoch: Newspapers Must Embrace Internet

Lawmakers With Relatives on Payroll

What Evangelicals Can Learn From the Pope

Church's Influence Waning in Once Fervently Catholic Spain

Pope front-runner

Cardinal Law Is Snubbed

Why Are Christians Losing America?

Generation Y embraces choice, redefines religion

Chronically ill turning more to spiritual healing

China Said to Step Up Religious Persecution of Minority in Its West

Mayor Bloomberg will honor gay unions

A Political/Religious Tornado in Kansas

Jews, Mormons agree to jointly study proxy baptism issues

6 Episcopal priests warned of ouster over Gay Bishop Opposition

Vanderbilt Conference On The Virgin Mary in April

New Pope to Face Enormous Financial Issues

Time for uprising, church leader tells Zimbabweans

For Christians the Cross is a Priceless Logo

Church leader rails at cloning "arrogance"

It Takes More Than a Living Will

Crucifixion fever saves police jobs in Philippines

Movement in the Pews Tries to Jolt Ohio

On Holiday, Israelis Revel in Rare Peace

For Bride, Dowry Is Deal Breaker

Muslim keeps the Keys at the Holiest Site in Christendom

Charles must Apologise for Adultery, says top Bishop

Resurrecting Mainline Religion

Don't bear your cross - eat it

Christian Digital Music Download Site Goes Live


Is It Ever Okay To Pull a Feeding Tube?

THE Easter Hymn: "Christ The Lord Is Risen Today"

God's New Family: Rethinking John 19:25-27 "Behold, Your Mother"

For the latest on the Schiavo case Click Here

Why Science Can't Show Us God (Commentary LAT)

The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLay (NYT)

A Holy Week Marked by an Absence

Joni Eareckson on Terri Schiavo (Larry King Live)

Colleges Where Students 'Ignore God' Lauded

Univ. of Cinn. acquires richly illustrated, $10K Bible

Dialogue Bridges the Muslim-Christian Gap

The Rabbi Who Pricks Israel's Conscience

Ladies, Stop Buying into Rap's Misogyny

Chinese Crack Down On Student Web Sites

New Polls on Faith

Iraqi Christian Refugees

Judicial Activists Attacking Marriage

Bork: Congress' Involvement in Schiavo Case Not Unique

Rick Warren on Larry King

Unborn Baby Pictures Fuel Abortion Debate

He's (Robert Tilton) Back! - And He's Still a Nut

Why Jews Rejected Jesus

Jerusalem: Violence Among Priests This Easter

Federal Court to Rule on Schiavo

Anti-Jewish Acts in France Hit 15-year High

The Plight of Iraqi Christians

Response to "We Are Family" Video

Congress and President Praised for Schiavo Action; Bishops Blasted For Inaction

A Balance Between Isalm and Politics in Iraq

GOP Congressman Seeks to 'Restore Free Speech' in Churches

Calif. Mom's Religious Freedom Efforts Have Wide Impact

Benny Hinn Claims 'Dateline' Story Distorted Facts

U.S. Networks Reject Church Gay Ad

10 Comm. & Supreme Court

Fatwa Against Bin Laden

ACLU Causes Boy Scouts to Drop Public School ties

Transgendered Activists Politically Pressuring Cities for Gender-neutral Bathrooms (and winning!)

Prison Sued-Censoring Bible

Mississippi: Bill to Allow Religious Texts Passes

How the KJV Tripped up Mormon Leaders

No 'gay pride' in Holy City

Univ. of Colorado to Dump Christian Prof

Giant Cross Must Go

College Expels Student Who Advocated Corporal Punishment

Cutting Gore Out of Passion

Church wins case: Designer Half-naked Last Supper Ad

Episcopals Seek To Avoid Schism

One day a rabbi, an imam, a vicar and a nun. . .

Lectionary: Grave Robbers

10 Co. Religious or Secular

More Complete portrait of BTK Suspect

Parents Sue to Allow Religious Holiday Messages in Public Schools

Narnia Director Speaks Out

Will Disney Be Faithful to Narnia's Symbolism?

Calvin College Studies U2

Uproar Predicted If Justices Remove 10 Comm Displays

Faith-based Groups get $2 billion In 04 Bush Says

Abortion Politics At the UN

Sweden to Allow Legal Fertilisation For Lesbians

IRS: Stop Bribing Churches

Court Could Redefine Church, State

Barna Study: Christians Parent No Different Than 'World'

Christian Blogasphere

Black Churches & Politics

What's A Sermon Worth? About $190

Pope Suggests Western Democracy Is a New Totalitarianism

Disney Markets to Christians

Liberation of Chinese Clergy

Crumbling Church Where Shakespeare is Buried

Christian Woman Beaten by Relatives for her Faith

Last Year's Ozone Hole

Christianity's Southern Move

Most US Teens Religious

10 Comm. Showdown

Air Force, Football, & Prayer

Church Leader & Scout Leader is the BTK Killer, Lutheran Ch. Devastated

The greatest enemy to the movement of Jesus Christ is 'Christianity.'

The Real Threat to Kim Jung-il - Cell Phones

The Bronze Door

Anglican Gay Divide Widens - Resolution will come only when US Canada confess "Yes, we were wrong."

US & Canada Anglicans Forced Out Over Gay Bishop & Same-sex Unions

Baseball: Lies, Lies & Lies

Girl: 7yrs Without Solid Food

Christianity Greatest Growth

Cases Before Supreme Court

Pope: Gay marriage is 'evil'

ARAB TIMES: World Council of Churches Boycotts Israel

HIV Discovery

Frozen Sea On Mars


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